Feudalism took away rights from people in lower classes, essentially making them give up their freedom in exchange for protection. People such as farmers, would trade their land to warlords, called daimyo, who offered protection. Society was dominated by Samurai warriors (dependence of daimyo). Feudal japan had a 4 tier social system, & anyone below it was treated poorly & unfairly


Japan was a series of 5 islands isolated from areas such as china by oceans & mountains, (Shikoku, Kyushu, Honshu, & heian/Kyoto). Because of this isolation, Japan gave rise to the Shinto religion. Shinto was a polytheistic religion based on respect of nature, & spirits that lived in nature called Kami.

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Shintoism is a polytheistic religion that developed in japan, based on respect of nature & ancestor worship. Worshipers believed in spirits called Kami that lived in nature in things such as mountains, storms, waterfalls, plants etc. Although this religion had no formal prayer book, norito (poem form prayers) were often presented by priests at shrines. Shinto ultimately had 3 important symbols; The sword, representing virtue of wisdom, A string of jewels representing kindness, & a mirror which reflects on everything good & bad.


During -300 b.c the early japenese were gatherers, hunters & fishermen, up until the introduction of agriculture in 300 b.c. Over the course of 209 years, japan ultimately united, & started the creation of large tombs for previous deceased leaders. Later, came the introduction of Buddhism, which is the major religion in japan today. About 900 years later, during 1542, Christianity was introduced to japan, & in 1614, Christianity intensifies greatly.