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October '18

Digital Citizenship

October is Digital Citizenship, Cyber Security Awareness and Bully Prevention month. Being a good digital citizen starts with education, teaching our students that in all interactions, whether online or in person, we should be respectful to others and ourselves. We will continue to integrate digital citizenship resources into our curriculum to empower students to be responsible, creative learners.

Common Sense Media offers parental tips on topics other than Digital Citizenship, too. Please take the time to click the link and check it out.

Digital Citizenship

As parents and educators we want to keep our children safe online an help teach them how to achieve a respectable online profile. Litchfield Public Schools is working hard to prepare students for the future by allowing them to use the immense power of internet resources to create, connect, and learn while being responsible online. This is an ongoing process, certain safety tips aren’t appropriate to teach at all ages and it requires reinforcement, sometimes consequences and help from experts, neighbors and friends.

  • Being a parent requires us to be aware of what our children are being exposed to on the internet, social media sites and gaming platforms. It is fast changing and it can be difficult to keep up and understand. The good news is you don’t need to ‘know it all’. Being involved, having conversations with your child, asking to see the device they are using and what they are doing with it will guide them towards responsible choices.
  • If you need a trusted resource to help navigate you through what your child is doing online, try They provide ratings and reviews for websites, games, apps, movies, books, TV shows and music for all age groups. At Litchfield Public Schools we utilize and additional resources to teach digital citizenship.
  • Parental controls, and filters are also an option for support, but always remember they are not 100% effective. You can search the internet for “parental controls on all devices” to find many resources like for directions on ‘how to add a parental control’. Litchfield Public School devices that come into your home have a built-in filter, but again nothing is more effective than talking to your child about internet safety.

Parent Portal - Emergency Notifications

Please login to your Parent Portal and check your Contact Preferences. Contact Preferences is located on the lower left of the menu. Weather related messages, Early Release or School Closings are sent out as Emergency Text messages.

  • If you have NOT been receiving messages, please check that you have the correct preferences marked.
  • These preferences cannot be changed from a mobile device. You must use a computer or contact the school office.

Mid Quarter

LHS & LMS will be calculating Mid-Quarter grades this week and making them available on the Parent Portal. That also means parent teacher conferences are soon. Please check our website calendar for conference dates and times for each building.

Students at LMS & LHS also have their own login for Student Portal. Students can visit the media center if they need assistance with their Student Portal login.


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Be Aware - Is your Macbook infected? Virus? Malware?

At anytime, if your Macbook doesn't appear to be normal or strange things seem to be happening, restart and see your media center assistant for help! It is important to keep us all safe.