Week 2, S1: EMS Family Newsletter

The What-to-Knows at Estacada Middle School for Families

Week 2 at EMS: September 13 to September 17

First Day of School!
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Our school is committed to your student's academic success, our inclusive culture, our engagement with families, our transparent finances, and our clean facilities. Check out our school's goals here!

iReady Reading and Math Opportunity

Beginning on September 27 we will measure your student's reading and Math skills. The data we collect from these assessment opportunities will determine what interventions or enrichments your student receives on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Please discuss the importance of your student's effort with these opportunities. We want for your student's experience to be timely and meaningful!

Parent Learning Series (Open House): Rescheduled to 10/5

Why? We want you to know how well your student is learning at EMS.

What? Parent Learning Series - We invite you to learn about your students' schedule and how they are being measured at EMS. EMS is cancelling 9/14 and will continue to host on 10/5.

How? We will host a virtual Open House and Learning Series beginning on October 5. You will use your student's Chromebook to access Zoom classrooms and to listen to - and ask questions to - teachers describe your student's classroom experience.

Apply! Free & Reduced Meals (Even Though Free Meals)

Even though all meals at EMS are free this year, it is important to apply. Your application supports our school's ability to access grants and may help you qualify for reduced costs for extracurricular activities.

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Medication at School

Parents: If your student takes medication(s) during the school day you will need to fill out a medication authorization form. If your student carries their medication on them (ex: inhaler) you must still fill out a "Self Administer" medication form. It is also important to know that any medications must be in their original container and labeled. Prescription medications must have a prescription label on them that has not expired. Inhalers should have a prescription label on the inhaler or kept in their prescription box. If we find an inhaler that does not have a label on it, we have to throw it away.

Because of Covid precautions we need to limit individuals coming into our school. If you need to fill out a form or turn in a filled out form please come to the main entrance and ring the bell.

For medications that need counted and checked in please contact Brandy Cavett at cavettb@estacada.k12.or.us to schedule a time prior to when your student needs to take their medication. Please do not allow your student to carry medication on them at school without the proper paperwork filled out.

Chromebook Reminders!

Reminder: The Chromebook is to travel with your student to and from school, daily. It is expected and necessary for your student to bring their Chromebook home each day in the case of an unexpected requirement to quarantine.

Reminder: The Chromebook charger is to stay at home so your student can charge their Chromebook each night prior to school on the next day.

Face Coverings at EMS

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Will Your Student Have to Quarantine? Yes, potentially.

Click here to view the robo-message you will receive because your student is exposed to a positive case of COVID-19 at school.

EMS has a responsibility to limit the transmission of COVID19 in school. To limit the transmission (not eliminate), these are the core safety measures:

--One-way hallways

--Mandatory mask-wearing

--3' physical distancing where and when appropriate

--Improved ionized air filtration systems

--Multiple lunchroom spaces, including outdoor eating

--Hand-sanitizing stations in each classroom and wipe-out-of-desk procedures

--Contact-tracking and seating arrangements

--Individual Chromebooks

--Quarantine and Isolation procedures

Please do not send your student to school if you or your student are unwell. If your student becomes sick we will notify you. And, if your student tests positive for COVID19, we need your help to ensure we can quarantine all close contacts your student has had while at school. Quarantine and Isolation procedures are a responsible and effective way to discontinue additional outbreaks at school. Be honest and communicate with us when you have questions.

Estacada School District Safety Protocols

Click Here to View our District's Safety Protocols for the upcoming school year. These measures are updated and subject to frequent change.

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Registration is now open for our 2021-2022 Estacada Youth Basketball season. You can register at www.estacadayouthbasketball.org.

Also, this league wouldn't run without our volunteers, coaches, and sponsors. So if you're interested in coaching, helping out, sponsoring a team or making a donation, please contact us at estacadayouthbasketball@gmail.com.

Estacada Middle School

Our mission is to equip each student with the skills necessary to be resourceful and successful.
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