Make This The Year You Dare 2 Do

It's not too late to be what you might have been

Are you ready?

I want EVERYONE to be what they might have been. I don’t want anyone stalling out with excuses, or deciding it is just easier to maintain status quo.

So if you find yourself wishing things were different, better, MORE, it is time to Dare 2 Dream and Dare 2 Do.

Be part of the movement to Dare 2 Dream and then Dare 2 Do.

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Step 1: Dare 2 Dream

This is the easy part. You are probably already dreaming, otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten this far into this brilliant text.

Perhaps you have this vague sense that more is out there for you, something ineffable. But you are stuck.

Or perhaps you dream of a hundred million things, all of which seem fucking amazing and infinitely better than this moment right now. And again you are stuck.

Maybe you just have a tiny nag to make one small change. Stuck?

Regardless, you have to dare to dream it.

WTF? Didn’t I just admit you have a dream (or three)?

The question is whether or not you are daring to dream it.

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