A Thousands Words

Jennifer Brown


Ashleigh falls in love with a boy named Kaleb. They both go to the same high school, however they are not in the same grade. Ashleigh is a Junior and Kaleb is a senior. Kaleb is in baseball and the summer before he leaves for college he is always at baseball doing things with his friends, instead of hanging out with Ashleigh. Ashleigh tells her friends how much it upsets her and how she feels that Kaleb is going to forget about her. One night her friends decided to throw a party and convince Ashleigh to drink there with them, so she does. She tells them how much she misses hanging out with Kaleb and how she wants everything to go back to normal. The first piece of advice her friends give her, is to send kaleb a nude.
Thousand Words by Jennifer Brown

¨ A picture is worth a thousand words, but they do not tell the whole story¨


Throughout the book Ashleigh and Kaleb go through a lot of troubles from where there new life has taken them. To find out what happened the night of the party by reading the book. I would recommend this to teenage girls who like drama books