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A Good General Nutrition

Foods containing these nutrients are being related - more by science than by conventional wisdom - the control and prevention of heart disease and cancer, stroke, cataracts and the ability of the organism to guard against infectious diseases.

A good general nutrition, whose key is in the balance, is essential for maintaining a youthful and healthy appearance.

Protein should contribute about 10% of our daily dose of calories, fat, no more than 30%, and the remaining calories should come above all the complex carbohydrates.

Can we even slow the effects of aging paying more attention to food? We have much to learn. But there is increasing evidence that the answer is yes.

After all, what we eat can make a significant difference.
Myth: That after pregnancy your body will never be the same again.
Your body will never be the same again.

"With diet and exercise, it is certainly possible to go back to the way it was before getting pregnant "

Stone said, adding that it is easier for people who were skinny before getting pregnant.

People tend to forget that the body changes with age, with or without a pregnancy , Stone said My Health News Daily . So before blaming your saddlebags in your pregnancy , try to count the candles on your birthday cake .

Myth: Breastfeeding makes your breasts fall.
Breastfeeding makes your breasts fall.