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Unit Description

In this unit we learned about area, perimeter, surface area, and volume. We used triangles, squares, and rectangles. We use nets to find the surface area of shapes. We learned how to calculate the perimeter of the shapes,and what are some formulas.

What is Perimeter?

Perimeter is the outside of a shape. Perimeter is measured in units (m) Perimeter = add all of the sides
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What is area?

  • Area is the inside of a shape.
  • Area of Rectangle & Square = Length x width
  • Area of Triangle = Base x height / 2
  • square units (meters squared)
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Surface Area

What is surface area?

  • The total area of the surface of a 3D shape
  • Surface Area of Pyramid = (length x width)+ 4(bxh/2)
  • Surface Area of Rectangular Prism = 2(lxw) +2(lxw)+2(lxw)
  • Square units
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What is volume?

    • The space inside a 3D shape.

    • L x W x H

    • cubic units

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