Stivers' Scoop

The "Times They are a Changing" Edition 9/28/2015

More Than a Score

The media is chock full of stories of districts, principals, teachers, parents, students and even superintendents shouting the message of "We are more than a score." Let's face it. High stakes accountability is daunting, unrelenting, and the current structure under which we dwell. I am just as guilty as the next guy of being extremely data focused as that is the life I lead as an administrator in the Bluegrass State. I, however, do believe that every student, teacher, staff member, school and district is much, much more than a score.

We are in the lifelong work of Inspired Learning, Leading, and Living. We are in the work of trying to grow students into adults who will lead this community, country, and world with excellence, humility and a servant leader mindset. It's BIG WORK! It's HARD WORK! It's not for the feint at heart and it certainly is not able to be assessed by a test score.

However, we (you and I) have to figure out how to strike the healthy balance between honoring the work that is not assessed by a state or national test, and learning from the data that is yielded by those very same tests. I encourage you to join me in using the data to inform our decision-making, but not lose sight of a much grander picture. Tomorrow striking that balance begins as the season of KPREP data release, review, and reflection is upon us. Let's lock arms and go at this as a team. We got this!

Tomorrow during your planning and during faculty learning time you will personally review and reflect upon the outcome of our efforts in and out of the classroom. The KPREP data will compel one of 3 outcomes:

1)Affirm your current beliefs and practices and strengthen your desire to keep doing what your doing and forge forth, OR

2)Evoke emotions, thoughts, and reflection that will lead to a sense of urgency to switch things up with regards to practices and/or beliefs, OR

3)Comply with administration data analysis requests because the data doesn't apply to you or affect you in your beliefs and/or practices.

Tomorrow and the days to come will be very telling when it comes to being our own superheroes and superheroes to our students. You deserve it. They deserve it. Put your capes on, everyone. It's "Go Time!"

Where in the World is Mrs. Stivers This Week?

The Break Down of a Wonky Week

Tuesday-7th grade team meeting KPREP Data Sharing with Staff ALL DAY. LIM CALL. WMS v. EMS Football

Wednesday- KTIP, Visit with Ms. Shields, Teacher meetings, SBDM

Thursday-6th grade team meeting, School visit with Ms. Smith, classroom visits; surgeon appointment in the late afternoon

Friday-Team Leader Meeting, pre-observation conferences, possible KTIP, PD Planning

Monday-PD Day at West! 8th grade is joining us!

Tuesday- Pre-observation conferences; classroom visits