El Salvador

Information/Vacation for El Salvador

Land and Climate

  • El Salvador is a bit smaller then the U.S. of Massachuetts or Israel.
  • Volcanoes enriched the contry of El Salvadors soil.
  • Elsalvador has had over two hundred extinct.
  • Between 6,000 and 8,000 feet is what some mountin peacks rise to.
  • In the lowlands the climate is tropical.
  • The average temp. is around 85 degrees.
  • On the platu it is semitropical.
  • El Salvador has two seasons rainy and dry.


  • In 1524 on behalf of spain Pedro de Alvarado conquered the area, He ruled for almost 3 hundred years.
  • El Salvador was a minor province of Guatemala for most of El Salavadors history.
  • An attempt to gain Indepdence in 1821 was successful
  • In 1871 El Salvador became a true nation.


  • The government of ElSalvador is a democratic republic.
  • 84 members are in the National Legislative Assmbly.
  • The National Republiccan Alliance are included in the political parties.
  • The voting age is 18 in El Salvador like america.
  • 267 municipalities and 14 departments El Salvador is divided into.


  • 20% of the people is without education.
  • El Salvador became the first Central American State that formalize the Central American free trade agreement with us.
  • El Salvador exports cotton, sugar,shrimp, and clothing.
  • El Salvador adopted the us dollar in 2001.

Vacation Plan

DAY 1:

  • travel from Chicago to Houston from Houston to San Salvador.
  • go to the hotel Hilton Princess San Salvador Hotel and unpack
  • Then go to the pool
  • Then Sleep
DAY 2:

  • order room sevice
  • go


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