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December 2015

December 2015

Let me begin by wishing you all the happiest of holidays! I hope everyone enjoys some nice time off with family and friends. Who knows, maybe we will even see a snowflake or two!

As the holidays quickly approach, we are also faced with a continuing, soon to end college application season. I've listed some statistics below to demonstrate how busy all of the member of the class of 2016 have been! Don't forget the upcoming Financial Aid night on December 21st. Parents of both junior and senior students are invited. In fact, anyone is welcome who wants to learn more about the financial aid process!

It's not too late. Students who still want to apply to college certainly still can but deadlines are quickly approaching. See me if you need help in the process.

-Mrs. deQuevedo

College Application Progress

Class of 2016 Application Statistics as of 12/16/2015

  • 65% of students have applied to college or trade school
  • 3.07% of students have firm plans to or have joined the military
  • 200 applications submitted
  • 39 reported college acceptances
  • 19% of students have reported that they intend to enter the workforce upon graduation

Application Results

Now that many of the college applications are done, the acceptances are starting to roll in. Please remember to bring a copy of your college acceptance letters in to the guidance office. If your notification was in an email or on an online college account, you could forward the email or screenshot the screen showing the acceptance. My email address is

We will not announce your college of attendance if we do not have evidence of your acceptance. It is also helpful for us to collect this data as it will help us guide future applicants to each college. Even if you receive a denial letter, it is very helpful if you can provide that information to me. Certainly, I won't share your individual information with anyone but would like to collect the data to better assist future students.

College Acceptances

The students listed below have been accepted to college for the fall of 2016! They have provided documentation of their acceptances. Some have been accepted to more than one school!

Congratulations to you all, I am very proud of you!

  • Dana Beecroft
  • Marina Contorno
  • Collin Cooper
  • Corey Davis
  • Harley Davis
  • Tiffany DeMarco
  • James Eskra
  • Taylor Flynn
  • Teya Heller
  • Amanda Imbalzano
  • Kaela Jennette
  • Brianna Krzan
  • Mariah Loughney
  • Karleigh Lukasik
  • Maria Merrigan
  • Taylor Morgan
  • Sara Roscioli
  • Georgia Verrastro
  • Joseph Wanat
  • Ami Yanochik

I Got In...Now What?

Congrats on getting into college. Most students have applied to more than one school and so while it's great to hear someone wants you, there are more decisions to both wait for and to make. How to you choose where to go? Here are just a couple of suggestions of what to consider.

First, finances are a huge concern for most students so make sure you file your FAFSA by the deadlines set by colleges (they vary from school to school). PHEAA, the Pennsylvania aid agency, uses the FAFSA to collect data so for both Federal and State aid, this is the only form you will need. Many private institutions also use the CSS Profile or their own supplemental form when it comes to institutional aid. Make sure you take the time to understand the financial aid process at each school.

Visit! Make sure that the school you choose is a place you can be comfortable. There is no other way to learn that than to visit. You will be surprised what your gut will tell you!

May 1st is the universal deposit deadline for students so you have a little under 5 months to gather as much information as possible. Do your best to make an informed decision!