January 2016 Summary

HHS School Counseling Department

Students Total

515 Total number of Sign-in's from Jan. 5th- Jan. 29th

% by grade level

24.7%- 9th graders

21.4%- 10th graders

22.3%- 11th graders

31.7%- 12th graders

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Why students came in:

55.4%- Schedule changes, concerns or grades

20.8%- Personal reasons

23.8%- College and Career Help

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Parent Contacts for January

Total: 70 contacts- email or phone

17.2%- 9th grade

34.3%- 10th grade

34.3%- 11th grade

14.1%-12th grade

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Counselors spent 9 days in January meeting with 10th, 9th and 8th grade students (including St. Paul) to complete their registration requests for next school year. 683 students were reached. After forms were signed by parents, the counselors checked pre-req's, and entered requests into the system.

FAFSA parent night

On January 6th, counselors hosted a Financial Aid- FAFSA line by line parent night. A representative from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission presented information and answered questions. 75 students and parents were in attendance.

8th grade parent night

Counselors worked with administrators to host an 8th grade parent night on Jan. 13th. Counselors presented on graduation requirements, elective choices and course levels available. Ambassadors were available for tours after the presentation. Department representatives were also available to explain elective options to parents and students.