stay no to drinking and drinving

by : Carmen Molina

what is DWI ! What is the felony

driving while intoxicated is what DWI means . if a driver kills or injures someone as the result of driving while under the influences of alcohol ( or having a blood alcohol level higher than 0.08 % or more in those states that punish this separately) , the person can be found guilty of a felony and could go to state prison for years.

facts on drinking & driving

1. you can lose your ID.

2. you can go to jail.

3. get a ticket.

4. lose your car.

5. lose you car insurances .

6, get into a bad crash .

7. you cant get a job easily .

8. you can appear in court .

9 . you can kill soemone .

10. you can do some dumb thinks .

11 . loose your job .

12. loose your house .

13. maybe you will lose your family,

15. death

16. some people wont like you no more.

17. they wont take you serious no more.

18. could crash an lose a hang.

19. you can crash an lose your leg if you crash.

20. if you crash you can kill an animal

21. your mom will be mad .

22. your parents will be upset at you .

23. you wont have any viacle to drive in .

24. you can fall asleep.

25. you can be paying attention to something else .

26. you cant even be paying attention at your driving as right.

27. DWI classes .

28. waste money on tickets .

29. waste money on fixing your car .

30. you can get community service.

5 statistics/ facts on drinking and driving .

  1. 1. On average, a drunk driver will drive 80 times under the influence before their first arrest.
  2. 2. Every 53 minutes in America, a life is lost in a drunk driving crash; that equates to 27 people every day.
  3. 3. For drivers under 21, the U.S. has a No Tolerance policy which does not allow any alcohol to be in the blood system while behind the wheel. The consequences could include expensive fines, loss of license, or jail.
  4. 4. Every 90 seconds, someone is injured from a drunk driving incident.
  5. 5. In 2011, 9,878 people were victims of drunk drivers.
  6. Between 50 and 75 percent of the people who have had their licenses revoked due to driving under the influence drive illegally without their license.

The cost of a DWI !

1. If you are arrested for DWI and facing your first criminal conviction or if you already have a criminal record, you have a right to defend yourself against impaired driving charges.

5 ways to avoid drinking and driving.

1. call a cap .

2. don't even drink if you know your gonna drive ,

3. if your gonna drink , drink just a little .

4. go home with a friend that's not even drunk ,

5. or stay the night at that place you are at.