Kindergarten P.E. Newsletter

February 2016

January Just Flew By.......

Wow!!!! January came and went quick at the gator pond. Our kindergartners participated in their first basketball unit at Greenbrier and worked on a lot of dribbling as well as some shooting and passing techniques. We played a game called "Fill the Well" to help us learn how to properly shoot a basketball. We also let the kids shoot on the big hoops with hula hoops hanging on the rims to help them be more successful. After basketball ended we started our units dedicated to our health. To round out January we did fitness stations where the kids got to work on balance, climb the climbing wall, jump rope, strength train, and play "Just Dance" on the Wii. It was fun to see them comparing their muscles at the end of each class.

What's Next????

All about that health!!

To start February, we are taking part in our Heart Obstacle Course unit. While traversing through the heart course, kids learn about how the heart works and the pathway of the blood in the human body. After heart course we have a nutrition unit where we learn about proper eating habits through games that are guided by the ChooseMyPlate dietary guidelines. If you want more information on nutritional guidelines for your children please click here To round out February, we are culminating our Jump Rope for Heart event by having a whole week of jump rope activities in P.E. to celebrate our hard work in raising money for kids with heart disease. So far we have had a very successful event raising over 8K and counting.