Bear Notes-Week 6

Serving kids. Growing scholars.

a note from the principal...

Service. What does it mean to be in service to other? To have a heart for service? During the recent visit from Pope Francis throughout the week we could hear a consistent theme running through all is messages...service. He even concluded his final message in Philadelphia by saying "little gestures" that go a long way. "They get lost amid all the other things we do, yet they do make each day different," Francis said. "They are the quiet things done by mothers and grandmothers, by fathers and grandfathers, by children and siblings." Like a warm supper, a blessing before bed, a hug after a long day. These things, Francis said, are signs of tenderness, affection and compassion." I like how he put it, the "quiet things", not the things we do seeking to gain attention, but the "quiet things" the things we do for others that can seemingly go unnoticed. It's the little things that mean the most. With a message like that I can see why he is dubbed the "People's Pope". So what does this means for us? How is it connected to our work? Simple. Have a great week Serving kids!


P.S. Above is a pic of the Pope's plane. My husband had the opportunity to "service" it while it was at DFW!

Team help me in welcoming the newest bear cubs!

TEI - Focus 2.3 Clearly Presents Instructional Content

Consistently presents the content and purpose:

 Correctly in a logical, coherent fashion

 To support the learning of the posted objective(s)

Uses multiple strategies and academic language to emphasize key concepts with little to no irrelevant information.

Most students demonstrate that they understand the content at an appropriate level of rigor.

Instructions and procedures for participating in activities are clear to most students.

Peer Observers

Team below is a list of teachers who are authorized to conduct "peer" spot observations. As discussed in the goal-setting meetings each teacher will receive two peer spot observations. In the next week you will receive a form you can use to document the observations.

Peer Observers

Ms. Campos - 5th Grade Science

Ms. Cruz - 4th Grade Writing/Science

Ms. Font - 3rd Grade Reading (Bilingual)

Ms. Garrett - 2nd Grade

Ms. Giles - 5th Grade Reading

Ms. Gonzalez - PK

Ms. Griffin - 2nd Grade

Mr. Martinez - 5th Grade Math

Ms. Mccraney - 3rd Grade Math

Ms. Montes - 4th Grade Math

Ms. Shields - 3rd Grade Reading

Picture of the Week!

Below is a pic of some visual representations of the states of matter using cereal. Yum. Yum.

Nice work Ms. Walton.

Big image

Day of Planning - 2nd Six-Weeks - Don't forget to put in for a sub!

Teachers in grades 1-5 in preparation for your day of planning please put in for a sub for your respective date:

Grade 1 - Monday, Sept. 28th

Grade 2 - Tuesday, Sept. 29th

Grade 3 - Wednesday, Sept. 30th

Grade 4 - Thursday, Oct. 1st

Grade 5 - Friday, Oct. 2nd

Items to bring to the planning day: all graded test, data analysis worksheet, materials to create the 2nd 6-weeks Interim Assessment, materials to write 2nd 6-Weeks Instructional calendar, materials to write unit plans for the 6-weeks and lesson plans for the next week,

Upcoming Events

September 28th - October 2nd - Book Fair

September 28th - October 2nd - 2nd 6-weeks Planning (Conference Room)

Monday, September 28th - DTR Invitation sent out (revised date)

Monday, September 28th - SLO Due

Tuesday, September 29th - TAG Testing Gr. 5 8:45

Thursday, October 1st - TAG Testing Gr. 4 8:45; Grs. 2 & 3 1:00

Thursday, October 1st - SLO scoring deadline

Friday, October 2nd - End of the 1st 6-Weeks

Friday, October 2nd - Jeans Friday - $2.00

Friday, October 2nd - Positive Proof - ID Cards for scholars

Friday, October 2nd - TAG Testing Gr. 1 8:45

Friday, October 2nd - JRFH Assembly K-2 12:30; 3-5 1:30

Monday, October 5th - Beginning of the 2nd 6-Weeks

Thursday, October 8th - Blackout day

Friday, October 9th - Holiday (Fair Day)

Monday, October 12th - Blackout day

Monday, October 12th - PD - Grade Level Meetings

Thursday, October 15th - Parent Conferences 4:00 - 8:00

Thursday, October 15th - Fire Drill