Tuesday Tech Talk

April 21, 2015

Analyze My Writing

Analyze My Writing is an awesome tool that is easy to use. You don't even need to create an account. Simply copy and past text to learn:

  • Count of words, sentences, and characters
  • Word and sentence length data
  • Readability
  • Usage of punctuation marks
  • Common words and word pairs

This could be a great resource for students to improve their writing. A similar site that also helps students identify passive voice and overuse of adverbs is Hemingway. Try them today!


I am a huge fan of keeping everything digital, but sometimes you need to print a webpage, and you don't want all of the ads, navigation, and other webpage stuff.

For those times, use printfriendly to make any webpage print friendly. Simply copy and paste any web address into the URL field and choose print preview. From here, you can download a PDF or print the page - all without ads, navigation, and webpage extras.

I know many of you are already using Handouts, but I cannot plug a tool for printing without sharing a tool to save paper and copies. Use Handouts to create, distribute, and complete assignments without making copies. Take a picture of or import an activity, and send it to students. They can use the app to type, draw, and submit responses.

What Can Technology Do for Tomorrow's Children?

"Innovation in education isn’t about the latest gadget or app, or about how adept a student is at using a smartphone to consume the latest Internet meme. It’s about how technological tools can empower students to become who they want to be, and who we need them to be — the kind of children and young people who ask, 'What can I improve? How can I help? What can I build?'”

Click here to read more of Arne Duncan's vision for the classroom of the future.