Energy use

By: Adrain Harms


I have researched information about the topic of Energy use and here are my findings as well as a questionnaire about it.
In todays world we use electricity for pretty much everything and we mostly use fossil fuels to create it, which is not good for several reasons. First of all they are going to run out eventually, especially at the rate that we are using them on. My second reason to why this is bad is that when we burn these fossil fuels greenhouse gasses are released. These greenhouse gasses when in large quantities reflect infrared radiation that comes off of the earth, making it go back into the earth and turn back into heat making the earth hotter. Some people think that that amount of greenhouse gasses released by human activities cant compare to the amount released by nature and that is true, but when nature releases it it also takes it back in by plants and humans dont, which after a long time can build up to massive amounts.