Felonies & Misdemeanors in Atlanta

Belem Gonzalez

Mike Scott

On August 6th, Mike Scott and his brother were were arrested in Georgia for the possession of marijuana and MDMA or "Molly". Deputies found more than an ounce of marijuana and 10.9 grams of MDMA. During the interrogation, Scott admitted that all the drugs were his, and that his brother did not knew that the drugs were in his car. His brother was charged with attempting to elude law enforcement officers while Scott is facing 25 years of felony drug charges.
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Neremiah "Miami" Alglin

March 27th 2014, Damian Wright was shot once in the chest with his own 40-caliber handgun by Naremiah "Miami" Alglin. Wright had agreed to sell three ounces of marijuana but later he pulled out a gun on the buyers and tried to rob them in his car during the deal. Wright got out of his car and later Wright was shot. A bag of marijuana was left at the scene with Aglins fingerprint on it. Aglin was arrested a month later in Miami and now faces a mandatory life sentence on the Felony Murder conviction.
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William J. Livsey

William J. Livsey, an 84 year old star general was taken Fayette County jail for ordering Chinese food with out paying and assaulting the delivery driver. Livsey tried to pay with a debit card and pay check but the delivery declined it claiming they weren't acceptable by the restaurant and that he would have to take the meal back to the restaurant. That angered Livsey and grabbed the employee's throat and facial hair. He pushed the diver against the kitchen refrigerator. During the assault 2 people in Linveys home took the food and began to eat it while Livsey was assaulting him. When Livsey released the employee, he quickly went to authorities and reported the incident. Officers went to Livneys home and tried to handcuff him but Livsey tried to punch one of the officers and tried to kick another one. Livsey was charged for robbery, misdemeanor obstruction, theft of services, simple assault and terroristic threats.
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