Marketwatch Finances

Financial overview

Overall Loss

Throughout the game, I had one company that did great. My biggest money maker was Netflix, who gained me $1,277. On the other side, I had many money loses, and my biggest one was Southwest Airlines, who ended up losing me $6,682.


My strategy was to buy many shares of very large companies. i thought that big companies would make more products and put them into the market compared to smaller companies. I would also look at the company's 3 month trend, to see if there rates fluctuated at all. I decided to sell stocks when the company started to lose. I would give the company a week, and if rates were falling, I would sell the shares.

Money makers/losers

What was the best

My biggest money maker was Netflix. By the time the game was over, Netflix gained me $1,277. Netflix was the only company I owned that gained me a profit. My biggest money loser was Southwest Airlines, who actually boomed for a good three weeks, but they lost me a total of $6,682.


I noticed that movie and food companies excelled throughput the game. Most companies did great at first, but all companies declined. I realized that when the market is going down, all company stocks also went down. The market and company stocks rely on each other. I found many online resources for my information. I got most of my information on From this website, I could predict what company will boom and what companies will fail.

Learning Expirience

I learned how the stock market works. I also learned why many people fail in the stock market because it is a difficult process and game. I never realized how stocks fluctuate time after time, and from this game, I understand the importance of the stock market.