Airline Pilot

Ty Karraker

The task a airline pilot does.

They check the wellness of the air craft before every flight. Always watch to make sure of any big changes in Weather. make sure the fuel is good so they don't have to make a emergency landing in the middle of the flight. operate the air craft very carefully in takeoff landing and in the route.

List Project Job Openigs

Overall the amount of Airline pilots is projected to grow 5 percent through the years of 2014 and 2015.

Median Wages

The pay for Airline pilots is 177,290 a year. there are many different pilot jobs with very different pay.

Minimum education

You must have at least have a bachelor degree and it would be help full to join the army. because you could join air force or be a pilot for people or cargo. Plus going to a flight school is very helpful.

Some skills a Airline pilot sould have

they must be good at math and science because to fly a plane they must find cordites that involves math. They must not fall under pressure cause your caring many people and there lives are in your hands.