The End Zone Boogie

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The Exposition

The story takes plays in Louisiana State University football field. The city is Death Valley, Louisiana.

The main character is Janelle. her favorite sport is football and her favorite player is Sean Davis. Other characters in the story include Janelle's dad, Sean Davis, and J.B.

Main Character

Janelle is a middle school student who loves football. She lives with her dad and thinks Sean Davis is the best football player ever. Sean has a touchdown dance that is called the end zone boogie. Janelle really wants to do this end zone boogie with Sean in the end zone. Janelle's dream is to be a football player, potentially a quarterback.

Rising Action

Sean Davis plays for the LSU Tigers. Janelle wrote a letter to Sean Davis telling him how much she loves football and the LSU Tigers. She also asked him to do the Sean Davis End Zone Boogie at the next game. Janelle gets to go to a LSU Tigers game with her dad. J.B. is a bully at school who was teasing her. This made her tear down posters around school. After the game, she got to meet Sean Davis.


Janelle got to do the END ZONE BOOGIE with Sean!!!


J.B. got jealous because Sean was celebrating with Janelle. There were reporters taking pictures of her doing the dance with Sean. Janelle felt like she was on top of the world.


Never let people get in the way of your dream.

In the story, Janelle had a dream of doing the end zone boogie with Sean Davis. She was made fun and teased by J.B. for this. She got upset, but still wanted this to happen.

Nonfiction Source


The article "Playoff Atmosphere to Feature Get Loud Lambeau Initiative" connects to be story because they are both about football. Also, both stories talk about celebrating after a good play or a score.

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5 Most Important Facts from Source

1. The Green Bay Packers would like fans to be part of Get Loud Lambeau

2. Fans should be aware of the security that will be at the game to watch the fans

3. Two finalists from The Voice will be doing the halftime show. The Packers maybe thought this would help fans be louder

4. They will be having a tailgate party in the Tundra Tailgate Zone to help fans get excited and bring in more fans.

5. The Packers are playing the game on TV's in the parking lot. This will help the stadium area be louder because more fans will come.