Oil Spills

By: Omar Saeed

2 Major issues

A major issue about oil spills are that it affects the oceans wildlife. oil spills can affect the wildlife because it is poisonous. during mostly all oil spills birds such as seabirds are mostly harmed and killed in greater numbers. Mainly sea otters are easily harmed by oil. if an oil spill is on a beach for a long time different creatures such as clams, snails and terrestrial animals may suffer. when light oils are spilled into the ocean they evaporate pretty quick, but have really significant causes that they can do to the ocean. Oil spills are fatal to plant, animal, and human life.

Negative Effects

Their is a lot what oil can do to the environment and ocean that can negatively effect the environment, for example oil can kill fish, tiny species and kill animals such as coats, fur, reducing many birds and mammals. the oil floats at the top and harms sea otters, and seabirds along the shoreline.

Areas and Regions

Gulf of Mexico has 267 oil spills, northeastern United States has 140 oil spills. The very first oil spill in the North America was in the very early 1500's an explorer that was Portuguese born, Juan Cabrillo sailed his way to know is very known as Santa Barbara California and then he saw oil bubbling from it's natural seep.

What wildlife is most effected & How is wildlife effected

The sea turtle is affected by oil spills from the oil getting to them to quick and over 600 sea turtles dead scientists say. bluefin tuna are in really bad danger and being spawned and killed. marine mammals are affected badly by oil spills from them picking up all the toxins the oil leaves off.

Does this affect us in League City

Oil spills don't really affect us in League City because were not as close as others are to the Gulf of Mexico, although since the ocean is connected to us and everybody else, it's still technically affecting us here in League City. still The pollution is horrible and does not smell the best when an oil spill occurs.

How are people affected by this

Yes it can affect human health by inhaling heavy oil into the very bottom of your lungs, and letting your body accept all that oil can get you very sick if not take you to the hospital. it all around can one by one harm your body if that heavy oil is getting does to your lungs and damaging so we should keep a nice, clean environment to avoid these situations.

What causes the issue

Crude oil is getting poured out of the oil tanker by an accident which is causing all the oil to leak out and to lead into this big incident. the oil is released out of pipeline or a container due to the mechanical failure, and damage. The oil usually gets dumped on land which then runs into the big body of water.

Solutions people have came up with

One of the solutions that Rick Lewis made up is that he was going to make a massive underwater cone and had hoped that it would reduce the pressure in the sea. Berms officials located Louisiana started to drop bags of sand they tended to backing up the oil from getting any closer to the mainland. Hot tap is a riser and pump oil out to put it on the surface.

My solution

I would make a pipe that would go into the ocean and cleanup up everything that does not belong in there. i would make a filter where the pipe would only pick up oil so it would not harm the ocean and wildlife that is in the ocean. I would make sure that the massive pipe i would design would be safe to all the animals, and keep them out of harms way.
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