Adesse 2019

Week 3 . Goal & Sales Incentives Update!

1377 Tickets Sold. . . 70% of our Goal MET!

The Incentive Breakdown (see below for requirements):


  • 4: earned 2 entries in the Tuition Credit Drawing!
  • 16: earned 1 entry in the Tuition Credit Drawing!
  • 21: earned Free Dinner in Cafeteria


  • 31: earned A JEAN WEEK
  • 57: earned A JEAN DAY
  • 93: earned A NEW YEAR SURPRISE
  • 97: earned A BROWNIE (served tomorrow, December 11)
  • 86: earned A HOT CHOCOLATE (served December 4)
  • 53: earned A COOKIE (served December 3)

OUR GOAL . . . $30,000!

$44,500 (1978 tickets x $22.50*)

-$13,500 (less prize money)

-$1,000 (less expenses)



*As we don't know exactly how many tickets will be sold at the discounted price through December 2 (or at 5/$100), we're estimating that we will need to sell 1978 tickets to reach our goal.


We have 234 students at Aquin in Preschool-Grade 12.

If every student sells 10 tickets each, we will surpass our goal!

As we are all one big family,

please consider selling more than your goal

to help our Aquin family surpass our goal.


Big picture


  • $500 TUITION CREDIT: Any Families who sell 30 tickets or more by January 15 will be entered into a raffle for a $500 Tuition Credit. Winner will be drawn at the HS Boys Basketball game on January 16 v. Dakota. (1 entry for every 30 tickets sold)

  • FREE DINNER IN CAFETERIA for Families who sell 25 tickets or more. (Date and time TBD)

  • FREE BREAKFAST IN CAFETERIA for Top 3 Classrooms of Sales (based on percentage sold per room--date and time TBD) .

Earn a Free Family Ticket with Every 10 Tickets Sold!

In addition to your chances at winning the top prize, we'll also award you for your stellar sales efforts. For every 10 tickets your family sells, you will receive 1 FREE TICKET entered into the Adesse barrel. These tickets will be entered based on all sales from now until January 15--and we will enter them before we draw any names for 2020!


After Mass Sales . November 23-December 15

Five Catholic parishes support Aquin Schools. In the past, Aquin families have been very successful at selling tickets to parishioners after Masses. Each week, an email listing classes for each Mass will go out to all Aquin families. Please email if you can cover a Mass designated for your student's class. On Friday, any Masses that aren't covered will be available to anyone. (The list at right is not updated for this year yet. Just using it as a sample.)

Remember--there are 5 parishes in 3 towns to cover.

Consider selling at a church that is not your 'home' parish.

Alumni Class Lists

The first year that we started Adesse team sales, we encouraged students to write letters to our alumni asking them to purchase tickets. Many alumni bought the tickets as they were more than willing to help out their alma mater. If you are interested in sending letters, just contact your class rep or the communications office. We'll get a list to you asap. If you have a specific class in mind, we can do that, too—as long as someone else hasn't gotten that list first—better hurry!

Time to Get Creative!

Do you own a business?
  • Have tickets out on your counter, desk or by your register.
  • If you give Christmas gifts to your employees, include an Adesse ticket.
Seeing family for Thanksgiving?
  • Pass tickets around the table(s).
Christmas shopping?
  • Adesse tickets are a great gift that keeps on giving--for 366 days!
  • They are perfect in stockings, package toppers--and easy to mail!

Have lots of co-workers?

  • Ask them if they want to buy a ticket.
  • Post a flier in your lunchroom, office or cubicle.


Contact or call 815-235-3154 x 226. We will have extra tickets in either office. If you don't have a ticket with you--but have a buyer--offer to take their payment and information and mail their ticket stub to them later.
  • Information we need for the ticket: Name of Buyer, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Email.
  • Information we need for the ticket seller: Name of Student and Family of Student.