Southwood School

April 2021

In This Edition

-Order Southwood School Clothing

-Student Spotlight: 3H Learns about Digital Citizenship

-Pink Day

-Jump Rope for Heart

-Kindergarten Registration

-Education Reform Update

-COVID Update

-Superintendent Update

-Important Dates

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Student Spotlight

3H Learns About Digital Citizenship

Today we are going to be talking about how to be a digital citizen. So we will share with you what we learned. First of all, take a break when the computer takes a long time to load. Second, if it looks like a friend texted you something you know they wouldn't say, then just don't respond to the scammer, turn it off, and go outside; don't forget the lemonade! :) Third, if someone threatens you online, just show your mom and dad or somebody at your house. Fourth, you probably didn't know this, but there's something called cyber-bullying. It's where people bully or threaten others online. Just go outside and don't stay on the internet. Have some fun playing with your friends. (But also tell an adult if these things are happening online!)

Just because technology helps you learn doesn't mean you can stay on it all day. Do something else other than texting, playing video games, etc.

That's how to be a good digital citizen!

By Anya D. and Annika P. in 3H

Pink Day - April 7, 2021

Southwood Students and Staff will be celebrating Pink Shirt Day on Wednesday, April 7th, 2021. Please participate in our celebration of inclusion and kindness for all during this day and wear pink. This year, there will be a special focus on kindness in a virtual world, encouraging students to practice positive and kind digital citizenship. Southwood will celebrate Pink Day including a Virtual Assembly on April 7th with an informative video, story and activity.

Jump Rope for Heart Event April 14 & 15

Our Jump Rope For Heart event will be taking place during our regularly scheduled gym classes on April 14 & 15 this year. Don't forget to set up your student fundraising page so that your friends and family can donate directly on your behalf and you can earn prizes! Paper information was sent home with students and by email to parents on March 22nd.

For more information on how to set up your fundraising page please visit the Jump Rope For Heart website.

Click here to see how close our school is to reaching our fundraising goal of $1500.

Start tracking your EASY Healthy Habit streak when you create your student donation page. Your Healthy Habit streak will show your fundraising page so that family and friends can cheer you on.

E - eat fruits and vegetables

A - active for 1 hour or more

S - screens for 2 hours or less

Y - yes to water and no to sugary drinks

Kindergarten Registration for 2021/2022 School Year

Kindergarten orientation and information sessions will be held in April and done virtually this year but we need you to register online if you have not already done so. More information will be sent to registered kindergarten families.

If you or your friends, family or neighbors have a child born in 2016, please visit to register for kindergarten.

Educational Reform Update

As many of you are aware, the government has released a plan for reforming education in the province of Manitoba. For more information, feel free to visit any of the links below.

CBC News Canada

Engage Manitoba

COVID Updates

Thank you to all of you who completed the divisional survey and indicated your desire to either return to in class learning or remain remote. As a result of many families deciding to return to in class learning, we have had to re-open many of our overflow rooms. Many of our students will be rotating through these classrooms on a scheduled basis. The use of overflow classrooms is necessary in order for us to remain compliant with public health orders.

We are excited to announce that the province is allowing us to start singing in music class again with some safety protocols in place. Due to the provincial restrictions the grade 4's will be able to sing while indoors, if their masks are worn and they are staggered with 2m distancing. They can also sing outdoors, no mask required but must be 2m distant and staggered

For now, kindergarten to grade 3 will be limited to singing outdoors where they won't be required to wear a mask but will maintain a staggered 2m distancing.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Recent Superintendent Update

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This current school year has seen students and teachers teaching and learning in various formats, making schedules and routines a challenge. As we approach the upcoming March break, I wanted to reach out to our community to offer my continued appreciation for your work in supporting your children with their schoolwork and in following the fundamentals despite the Covid fatigue that has settled in and become part of our routine.

This past year has brought many unpredictable changes to our lives and interactions. The ongoing challenges and unknowns can impact our wellbeing and leave some people feeling anxious and overwhelmed at times. Please be reminded that the province has put together some resources for parents and students or anyone you are aware of who is experiencing stress as a result of COVID-19. Resources continue to be available within the school and school division as well.

To continue reading, follow this link: Superintendent's Office March 9, 2021

Important Dates


Apr 5 - 1st day back after spring break for grades 1-4 and even-numbered kindergarten classes (K2G & K4C)

Apr 6 - 1st day back after spring break for odd-numbered kindergarten classes (K1D, K3B, & K5V)

Apr 7 - Pink Shirt Day & 2:45 p.m. Assembly

April 14-15 - Jump Rope For Heart

Apr 16 - PD Day - NO SCHOOL

April 22 - 2:45 Assembly

Apr 27 - Kindergarten welcome evening 5:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

April 28 - 2021-2022 Virtual Kindergarten Orientation Days

April 29 - 2021-2022 Virtual Kindergarten Orientation Days


May 5 - 2:45 Assembly

May 24 - Victoria Day - NO SCHOOL

May 21 - Assembly 2:45

May 25 - 2021-2022 Kindergarten Welcome Drive Thru Event