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April 14

Survey Season

It is that time again. I am sure some of us feel that surveys are so 1999! The reality is that they are one of the most candid and useful items of feedback we get all year. This is our opportunity to hear from every parent and child, especially those who remain quiet and don't often have much to say. This is their chance to get their voices heard!! Please be a strong advocate for our surveys and advertise their value in your newsletters, Class Dojo, Remind101, and other means of communication.

Our surveys are open and will be shared with our community Monday. Our goal is to get 160 parent responses, 480 student responses, and 100% of staff. ONLY CHILDREN IN GRADES 2-5 ARE EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE. Grade chairs, please let Mrs. Shivar know when your grade plans to take the survey.

This has been a year fraught with change for us all and I simply cannot tell you enough how IMPORTANT your input is to the development of our future together in service to children. Thank you for leading the way and advocating for participation.

The staff survey is open and can be accessed at:


The parent survey is open and can be accessed at:


The student survey is open and can be accessed at:



Egg Hunt Winners

If you were one of the lucky egg hunt winners of a certificate, please make sure you let Lisa Shivar know which prize you got so we can make sure you get it!

Volunteer Lists

We will be celebrating our volunteers at a brunch in the media center on May 12th from 8:30-10:30. We encourage classes to make cards, placemats, sing songs, write poems, or do anything else to let our volunteers know how much they are valued.

Food will be provided by us. Each grade is asked to provide the following:

2-3 main dishes (breakfast casseroles, crock pots etc)

2 side dishes (hashbrowns, biscuits, cheese plates, fruit salads etc.)

2 treats (coffee cakes, cookies, etc)

The grades are as follows:

Office (nurse and counselors included)







EC and M. Starling


TAs please work with your primary grade.

The school will provide drinks, coffee, juice, flatware etc.

Coming down the Home Stretch

As We Wrap it Up

As you can see from the At a Glance section below, the end of the year is in sight. Most of our standards have been delivered and now we are working on the fine tuning of knowledge. Many of you plan to use the Mentoring Minds curriculum to polish learning. This is a good idea as long as you work with the teacher's edition and use the materials as they have been designed to be used. We have had very good face to face training on these materials. We all agreed the level of rigor asked is dynamic. Now we have to stand and deliver the material as it is designed to be used.

This curriculum is not a sheep herder model where we teach and lead and kids follow. This curriculum is a cattle wrangling model where we guide from the rear and nudge on the sides!

Some of us have been using this curriculum with wonderful fidelity and the results have been astonishing! Others of us have not. Some of us have said we don't want to use it as designed because our kids already have a routine of learning in place and we don't want to upset the apple cart. UPSET THE APPLE CART! We are responsible for delivering the very highest quality of instruction we can possibly manage whether it is in the first days or the last days. If a surgeon had a better way to do his job, wouldn't you want her to use it, regardless of the status quo?

Planning Notes

Mrs. Stitz and I will be reviewing grade level minutes diligently as we enter our standards review period. Please make sure your team minutes are posted promptly. Please note in the CORE section which curriculum you are using such as Study island, Reading Eggs/Eggspress, Mentoring Minds materials or any other materials such as READY etc where applicable.

Here is a link to our common planning format that we should all be using. You can access it here:

Grade Level PLC and Planning Note Form (Web view)

Rest of the Year at a Glance

Monday 17-Monday 24th

Book Fair

Data Team Meeting for Hill, Gardiner, and Castle 3-5pm

Tuesday April 18

Principal's Meeting followed by EVAAS Roster Verification Training-Castle Gone

CiCi's Night

Wednesday 19th

Wellington Benefits 1:30-2:15 CAFE, CUSTODIANS, OFFICE STAFF

3:30-4:15 All other staff

Book Club Trip to Library 1/2 Day

Thursday 20

Global Innovation Showcase at NSH 4:00-5:30 Please come support Mr. Pinette and his brilliant students!!

Thursday 20 and Friday 21

Military Breakfasts in MPR

WEAR Purple for the Military Child on Friday

Friday 21st

Earth Night Family Fun 5-7pm!!!! Wonderful time with kids and family!

Monday 24-Friday 28

End of year Benchmarks 3-5 ELA and Math

Wednesday 26

OCS Chess Tournament (Grades 4-5)

Wednesday 26

School Speech Contest (Level II) 9:00 am

Thursday 27

OCS Chess Tournament (Grades 2-3)

Thursday 27

School Speech Contest (Level 2)


Double Encore is switched to Friday to accommodate Discovery Education coming to planning for grades 3-5 on Friday.

Friday 28

DOUBLE PLANNING Friday to accommodate Discovery Education coming to planning for grades 3-5 on Friday

3rd: 1:40-2:40

4th: 10:30-11:30

5th: 8:45-9:45

Principal's Meeting-Castle Gone

IST at Blue Creek 1-4:30 Castle and M. Starling gone

2nd Grade field trip to Tryon Palace

MAY: Monday 1-5

Staff Appreciation Week

Friday 5

5th Grade Orientation

Monday 8

AIG Testing (Grades 4-5)

Tuesday 9

Interims Go Home

AIG Testing (Grades 4-5)

Wednesday 10

AIG Testing (Grades 4-5)

Friday 12

Volunteer Brunch 8:30-10:30

Friday 19

EOY Benchmark Window Closes

Monday 29


Wednesday 31


JUNE: Thursday 1


2nd Grade Field Trip to the aquarium.

Friday 2

Online Science EOG Window

Monday-Wednesday 5-7


Fun Days times will be 8:45-11:00 and 12:30-2:45

Monday 5 K 8:45-11:00 and 1st grade 12:30-2:45

Tuesday 6 2nd grade 8:45-11:00 and 3rd grade 12:30-2:45

Wednesday 7 4th grade 8:45-11:00 and 5th grade 12:30-2:45

Monday 5

RTA Test for select third graders

Thursday 8

3rd Grade ELA Retest

Thursday 8 and 9 Friday

Fun Day Make-Up Date.

Friday 9

Last Day for Students/Report Cards

Monday 12


Student Class Placement cards due by end of day

Tuesday 13


8:30-11:30 PBIS

1-4 Staff Celebration: lunch is provided

Wednesday 14


Friday 23-Wednesday 28

ISTE Conference with Pinette and Jacobs