The Giver By: Lois Lowry

Smore By: Annie Mazon Block:3


Jonas (protagonist): Jonas is a sensitive, polite, and compassionate twelve-year-old boy. At the December Ceremony, he is selected to be the new receiver of Memory, the most honored job in the community.

The Giver (protagonist): The Giver is a loyal, wise old man. He is the current receiver of Memory for the village. In his office almost every day The Giver puts his hands on Jonas's back and gives the memory's to him.

Gabriel (Gabe) (antagonist): Is the new Infant that Jonas's family is taking care of for a while because he has little problems. In the book Jonas found out that when people are released they are given a shot that kills them instantly.


The theme of the book is about getting through pain or what is in the real world like when you are getting released you get killed which no one else in the community knows about. In the book they don't experience color which lets you give you the option on what you like better.

Character Pictures


The setting in the book is in a community where there are Elders where they decide all of the rules and they go to The Receiver for advise and wisdom. In the past they removed all memory of color, pain, hunger,etc. . To keep the people from certain things. Now the people have no difference except for a different shape and gender.

Conflict and Plot

In the book Jonas gets real mad when he finds out when people get released and Gabe has 1 more day until he gets released from the community so he makes a big plan to escape with Gabe out of the community. Man vs. Society
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Book Recommendation

I liked this book because it has a big impact on what life is really about. It teaches you that there will be some bumps in the road and some steady smooth places. In the book it shows that the elders doesn't want the community to experience pain, hunger, or even Christmas. I have heard some good recommendations on this book and I'm glad that this happened because this book really changed my life. Also in the book the Chief elder said that Jonas could lie so people won't find out the stuff that he does at work. Cause the stuff that he does is very private he can't even tell his parents about it. This book I really recommend to anybody.