Growth Mindset Biography

By Prabnoor J

Steve Jobs

Written by Prabnoor J on Jan.13, 2016

Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, California, United States. On 24 February 1995, Steve Jobs was adopted as a child. He dropped out of collage and got a job at Atari. As apple grew, Steve became tyrant, Hard feelings started and Steve resigned on September 17, 1985. the following year he co-founded neXt. he also bought a company which he renamed Pixar Animation. He got a deal with Disney to distribute Pixar's films and it became a disney partner.

Pixar won 20 academy awards for movies such as "Toy Story" "A Bugs Life" And "Finding Nemo" In January 2006. Disney entered into a acquisition with Pixar, Leaving Jobs with a very large share of Disney's Stock and a position on the Board Of Directors. Later He convinced Apple to buy neXt and he was invited back to Apple in 1997 as interim CEO. In 2000, He was made permanent CEO. The Apple computer became a player in the computer industry once more. Job's created aesthetic computers that younger buyers liked. In 2001 the company made the Ipod and ITunes. Enabling millions to listen to there favourite music on command.


-He resigned from Apple Inc and he had to have a lot of struggle to get back in, Instead of giving up he kept going and made lot's of progress. That truly represents a Growth Mindset.