The Ransom of Mercy Carter

Colton Birch

An exciting story of a girl who was captured by Indians and is looking for ransom.

Indians had attacked a town called Deerfield. A girl named Mercy Carter and many others had been captured during the attack. They have to travel three-hundred miles to Canada by foot in the middle of winter. when they arrive all of them are hoping for ransom. During her time there she slowly started to respect the Indians. Find out if she is ransomed or stays with the Indians

About the Author (Caroline B. Cooney)

Caroline B Cooney is the author of many young adult novels. They include Tune in Anytime, Burning Up, The Face on the Milk Carton, Whatever Happened to Janie, The Voice on the Radio, and many more. she lives in Westbrook Connecticut.

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Recommended Audience

The type of person who would like this book would be people who like suspense and tension. There are many instances in this book where it leaves the protagonist with a big decision or a life threatening dilemma.