iPads in Middle School Science

Help differentiate learning with these four easy apps.

Literacy Connection

Use Subtext to assign your students close reads that align with your science standards by using your own text or any text available on the web. This interactive reading app allows you to group your children and create reading assignments with built in step by step instructions and tasks. Within the text you can embed discussion questions, comprehension checks, polls, links to other websites, links to photos, and more. Subtext can automatically connect to your students’ Edmodo or Google accounts and allow discussion posts within the app to get students communicating and collaborating about science text. Try finding science articles that align with your standards from TIME or Kids or National Geographic for Kids.


Popplet Lite is a terrific way to hold your students accountable while learning. Popplet allows you to create your own organizing notes with just a tap of the finger. Students can insert text, drawings, and photographs to organize their thoughts and notes in any way that makes sense to them. Popplets are great for timelines, cycles, main idea and deatils, and so much more.
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ShowMe is a recording app that allows students to create videos that can really show you what they have learned. This app allows students to record their voice over drawings or images to explain their thinking. Have students annotate and explain a science process such as a life cycle or take a picture of in class experiments and record explanations of their conclusions. Click on the link below to check out a student made science ShowMe!

Connected Multimedia with Touch Cast

TouchCast allows you to create five minute broadcasts full of all the interactive media you want your students to view. Use your recording time to give students project instructions, subject overviews, or models of experiment procedures. Within that you can embed photos, videos, websites, polls, PDFs, and other media links. Students can click on the links and explore the resources you have provided them. Make a collection of interactive information for students to explore in small groups or revisit as needed. By making Touch Casts you can now be free to work with students in small groups while other students have a productive lesson to complete.
Introducing TouchCast
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