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Explain where Mesopotamia was located. What are the names of the two rivers where Mesopotamia lay? What does Mesopotamia mean

A Mesopotamia is located between the Euphrates river and the Tigris river I the fertile crescent


What type of climate is in Mesopotamia?

A the climate in Mesopotamia was very hot and rains a lot.


What present day country does Mesopotamia in?

The present day country is Iraq.


How far is Mesopotamia from your school

Mesopotamia is 7,113.19 miles.


Illustrate a picture of Mesopotamia

Look at the top if the screen to for this question.


Q1 name four of the civilization which made Mesopotamia there home a long time ago include a time line





Q2 what are the requirements of a civilization

Urban revolution

New political and military structures

Social structure based on economic power

The development of complex technology

Development of writing

Distinct religious structure

New form of artistic and cultural ativiteys

Q3 explain the importance of Hammurabi laws

The importance of the laws was to keep everyone safe

Q4 write down 5 different laws

1 If an ox be a goring ox, and it shown that he is a gorer, and he do not bind his horns,

or fasten the ox up, and the ox gore a free-born man and kill him, the owner shall pay one-half a mina in money.

2 If any one hire an ox-driver, he shall pay him six gur of corn per year.

3 If the animal be killed in the stable by God (an accident), or if a lion kill it, the herdsman shall declare his innocence before God, and the accident in the stable.

4 If any one hire a day laborer, he shall pay him from the New Year until the fifth month (April to August, when days are long and the work hard) six gerahs in money per day; from the sixth month to the end of the year he shall give him five gerahs per day.

5 If a slave say to his master: "You are not my master," if they convict him his master shall cut off his ear.

Q5 resell Gilgamesh was a story

the started in the Greeks. Gilgamesh is a story about the real king that was king urks.His actual name is Gilgamesh. He was on the Sumerian kings role. The reason they made this story is because he was the first super hero they say he has many special powers

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Q1 Describe the farming and agriculture of Mesopotamia

They farmed I. Large areas and raised pigs cows and sheep

Q2Explain how poisoned fields contributed to the collapse of Mesopotamia

The salt was killing large groups of there crops

Q3 What did Mesopotamians eat?

The drank milk and beer and ate fish for protein fruits like pears plums and figs

Q4Explain why civilizations like those from Mesopotamia, would live close

to bodies of water.
They live next to body's of water for cooking drinking and transporting
Q5Click on the below internet link on Farming in Mesopotamia. Once you have

read about the farming year, explain the steps it would take to farm each

year in Mesopotamia. (USE YOUR OWN WORDS)

When the farmers grew things where there is no water supply they use the canals and the regulators to get the water over to there crops. If you is you chance you have to wait until he comes around again.


Q1Explain one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world known as the 'Hanging Gardens of Babylon".

The seven wonders of the ancient world were created in the city state of Babylon. It was dedicated to Nebuchadnezzar II. I is 80 feet tall and is made of mud blocks

Q2Illustrate and label 4 inventions from Mesopotamia. Explain the importance of one these ancient inventions.

The pictures below

Q3 What is cuneiform? Which civilization invented it? Spell your name using Cuneiform. You can draw it or take a screen shot.

Took a screen shot in the pictures

Q4 What are the different classes of people in ancient Mesopoamia?The classes are the prist upperclass and lower class and slaves
Q5 What is a Ziggurat? What was its purpose? Include a picture

Ziggurat is the temple that is in the middle of the each city state. The purpose is for the god that is part of the city state.