The nucleus is the leader of the cell it is like the principle of a school or the president. The nucleus controls everything it tells weather to make this or that and way more.

These are some of the organelles in the cell

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This is the animal cell!

the animal cells is the cells that are in humans and animals. They create energy, repair wounds and etc.
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Plant cell!!!

This is the plant cell it is only in plants and it can make photosynthesis and it protcets the plant with the cell wall.

procaryotes and eucaryotes

procaryotes 1.)they do not have a nucleus (pro means no)

eucaryotes 2.) they do have a nucleus (eu means do)

cell theory

Here is the 3 things in the cell theory

1.)all living thing thing are made of cells

2.)all cells come from preexisting cells

3.)the cell is the fundamental unit of structure.