In and out Bicep Curls with 5 pound dumbbells

Skull crusher on stability ball ( you can also do these on the floor at home)

Walking lunges

Plank and Side Plank: Great core stability exercises! You can do these anywhere!

Hold for 30 seconds
Hold for 15 seconds

Bird dog 10 each

Bridge on stability ball 10 sec 10 reps

Abduction/adduction 15 each

Clamshell 15 each side

Stability ball squats 7.5 lb 15 rep

Lat raises 5 lb 15 reps

Push-up 10

Walking lunge 5 lb front/back lunge

Bicep curl in and out 7.5 lb 16 rep

Side plank on knees 30 sec

Hip rotation plank 10 each