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Making your dream vacations a reality - March 2015

Travel Specialist, Heather

Why use a travel specialist?

1. My services are at no charge to you. I get paid directly through the vendors.

2. I can find you the best rates and most amenities, within your travel budget.

3. Payment plans make your dream vacation a reality, and allow you to afford everything you want without breaking the bank!

4. No stress to you! Online sites and research take time out of your busy schedule. Let me do the work finding you the best deal available, while you enjoy time with your family!

5. Building a strong relationship, and travel wish list allows me to update you on upcoming deals and specials!

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I would like to hear from you!!!

What do you enjoy about a vacation?

What amenities do you require when you travel?

What is stopping you from planning your next dream vacation?

I would love to build a relationship, and get to know each other, so we can begin building a fantastic vacation together!


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