Substitute Sellers™

Let Us Help You Get More Money For Your Car

Selling your car? Avoid the dealership and let us help!

Have you been thinking about selling your car yourself, but for any of these reasons, have hesitated to do so?

-Not enough time or just don't want to make a listing

-Not comfortable with making a listing

-Don't feel like answering phone and email inquiries and filtering through all possible interest?

-Don't have a camera

-Feel that the dealership is the easiest way out

WE, AT SUBSTITUTE SELLERS™, HAVE THE SOLUTION. And no, it's not a used car dealership! Those who choose to sell their car using Substitute Sellers' ™ service, are guaranteed to get more money than what any car dealership will offer! Plus, you get the added convenience of staying at home and having extra time to do the things you love!

Let Substitute Sellers™ Put More Money In Your Pocket

By utilizing our expertise and resources in finding paying buyers for your car, we guarantee that when your car sells, you will have more money than if you took your car to the dealership!

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