Endangered Animals In Hawaii

Akepa bird


The Akepa Bird is the smallest honeycreeper. It has orange feathers and a tiny beak. It weighs four inches ten grams. It has rounded heads, black eyes, and black wings and tail. Adult males have the most brilliant orange colors found in any other birds. Females are greenish gray on back and lighter gray on the front. It has yellow or sometimes orange on the belly. (EOL)

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Food Chain/Habitat

The Akepa bird prefers to live in wet and dry places. It drinks nectar from flowers. It is very dependent on the 'Ohia-lehua trees and the koa trees for food. The Akepas like to eat caterpillars and warm insects. (EOL)


The Akepas hunt in groups for safety. They also sing songs, but you must be really quiet in order to hear them! Whenever predators are near, they hide up in trees. They have a warbling trill to warn others of danger. (EOL)

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The Akepa Birds are on the verge of being endangered because people and aggressive plants and animals are a threat. Rats destroy their nests which means they lose their shelter. Since the Akepas live in high places they can get mosquito disease very easily.

Conservations like the US FWS are preserving Akepa birds. They are studying the diseases that they get and they watch them carefully. (EOL)

Akepa Bird video

عصفور عقبة هاواي


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