Ms. Austin's Kindergarten

Newsletter, January 17, 2016

Dear Parents,

I've been working on the report cards for our class this past week. Please look at it as information about areas where your child shows proficiencies and things that we are in the process of “working on”. Everyone, children and adults, have areas where they might need to “bloom”! The kids are okay with knowing that we all need to grow and improve in something!



  • 5.1 Order of Daily Events
  • 5.2 Patterns with Craft Sticks
  • 5.3 Find the Block Game
  • 5.4 Guess My Number Game
  • 5.5 Count with Calculators

Reading Workshop:

  • Once readers finish a nonfiction book, we remind ourselves of all we've learned. We reread the title (the main idea) and then list a few facts across our fingers.
  • After reading the words on a page, nonfiction readers use the pictures to add on to what we already know.
  • In partner work, we can look at pictures together with our partner! First, we read a page together. Then, we talk about how the picture on the page helps us get more information.
  • Nonfiction readers look carefully for patterns in their books. We think about what is the same between one page and the next. We might ask ourselves, "Is there a pattern in the words?" or "Is there a pattern in the pictures?" or "Is there a pattern in what I've learned on these two pages?" Then, we use our answers to predict what we will read next.

Science and Religion:

  • Experiment rotations with experiments that focus on motion and forces.
  • Religion: Elijah hear from God

Writing Workshop:

  • Once writers know the steps to writing a how-to book and they have carefully written a book or two, they need to learn to do those steps much more quickly. The best way to do this is to practice and push yourself to write faster, stronger, longer. Tips for building stamina:
  1. Say a whole sentence at a time, then write that sentence (with a period at the end) without stopping.
  2. Set a goal for how many words/sentences/books you'll write. Once you've finished, draw a smiley as a celebration. Then, make a goal for the next page/book.
  3. Keep your pen in your hand the WHOLE time, never put it down to think.
  • One way to use the checklist is to find places where you did the things on it. One by one, I'll name a thing on the checklist.
  • Whenever you want to learn to do something better, you can learn from someone who does it very well. Today we will look at an informational book that we're already familiar with and ask, "What are some things that this author does as a writer that I might try, and why does she do those things?"
  • When you're writing a How-To book, your words need to reach your reader. One of the best ways to reach your readers is to talk directly to them by saying the word you: "First you... and then you..."
  • To write how-to steps a reader can easily follow, it's really important to remember yourself doing something and to picture it, almost like you're watching video in slow motion, pausing often to say, "What exact words describe what I just did?"

Learning Centers:

  • HF Words
  • Sorts
  • Handwriting
  • Math Games

New Student

This Tuesday we welcome a new student, Christina Liang, to our classroom. Christina is moving here from the U.S.

Upcoming Dates

January 20 New Families Parent Coffee 8:30-10:00 AM in Wittenberg Hall

  • New students (Christina and TongQin) will be invited to eat lunch with Ms.

Slatter during our lunch time.

January 21 ES Parent Coffee 8:15-9:30 ES Library

January 22 PSO Bake Sale Please send in 10rmb if you would like for your child to have a treat.

January 25 Our class visits Mr. Klammer’s HS Science Lab

January 29 K-4 Report cards available on Aspen

February 4

  • 100th Day Celebration in the morning! More information to follow soon!
  • Chinese New Year Party from 1-2 p.m. in our classroom. Parents are welcome to attend.

February 5- All school CNY Assembly Early release day (School ends at 11:30 a.m.)

February 6-14- CNY Holiday Break

March 8- Early Release Day School ends at 11:30 a.m.

March 25- Good Friday/Easter Assembly

March 26-April 4- Spring Break

Thursday and Friday, April 7-8- 3-Way Conferences

May 2- Labor Day Holiday- No School

May 21- High School Graduation

June 8- Last Day of School All School Closing Assembly Early Release Day (11:30 a.m.)

Important Announcement about Report Cards-K-4

If your child is in Kindergarten to Grade 4, report cards will be available to you on Aspen on January 29. Before then, please make sure you know how to get into Aspen.

· If you remember your login, try it out at

· If you are successful, well done! You will receive an email when the report card is available.

· If you cannot log in, send an email to: Aspen Support will email you back with login information.