Beauty in Everyone

You are who you are

What is beauty?

In my opinion, beauty is when people respect others for who they are. People who don't judge others, people who are nice, caring, and people who don't put themselves before God.

How might i grow and change in the future into the person God wants me to be?

I can grow and change in the future, by helping out other people who are in need; simply being a good influence to others; putting God before anything else; forgiving other people and going to confession; and being more generous.

What about me is beautiful?

I am beautiful in a few ways. I strive to put God before anything else, but doesn't always work out. Sometimes when I put other things/people before God, I then think twice to myself if it's even as important as putting God before anything. Most of the time, I do regret not putting God before other things. Another part of me that is beautiful, is that I try my best to be a good influence to others (mostly young children), so that they grow up to notice and be someone that they looked upon.

What is society's view of beauty?

Society's view of beauty differs from what I and other people think of beauty. Society thinks that people are beautiful if they are skinny, healthy, good-looking, have a somewhat good personality, good- smelling, and dressed up. Society doesn't care too much if not at all about if they care about other people or if they put themselves before God or anything else.