CMS: Summer Update!


Hiring News

Position Name

6th ELA/Reading Isadora Hitz

6th Math/Science Kayla Hall

7th ELA Gavin Thompson

7th SS Sam Langel

7th SS Open

8th ELA Lauryn Calafiorie

8th ELA Open

8th Science Jamie Nelson

8th SS Emily Bogue

Computer Science Cristina Vanzo

Writing/Leaders Jordyn Caddy

ELL1/2 time Open


SPED Megan Caughey

PE-Boys Rusty Vaughn

Instructional Coach

Counselor OPEN

Custodians (2ea)

8 pm-4:30 am 1) Tami Chadwick-Richards 6th and Electives

Midnight-8:30 am 2)Ernest Aviles jr 8th grade gym, autditorium, band choir

Sped Secretary Katrina Springer

MCSD Mission

MCSD will educate and inspire students to thrive in an environment of change.
-We believe all students can learn.
-We believe in providing multiple paths for students to demonstrate success.
-We believe collaboration among all stakeholders fosters innovation.
-We believe that students, staff, families and community, all play vital roles in the success
and growth of MCSD.
-We believe in addressing the mental, physical and social well-being of children.
-We believe in educating children in a way that aligns with their learning strengths and
-We believe everyone deserves a healthy and safe environment.
-We believe all students deserve opportunities to participate in programs and activities.
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