CMS: April 23-April 29

Monday: 8th Grade Science Test all day. See below.

(Intercom is still down)

Monday: (April 23) :
8th grade CMAS Science Test today (see below

IBS-8 am-4 pm

Tuesday: (April 24):

Wednesday: (April 25)
Admin Meeting: 8am-2 pm

Benefits meeting 4-6 pm

Thursday (April 26):
School Board Meeting 4-8:30 pm

Friday (April 27
Collaboration day 8 am-4 pm
Schedule to come

Track at Snake River all day.

Saturday (April 28):

CMAS Schedule

Today, 8th Grade Science (see below). Keep your kids for testing all day today.

Make up for the rest of the week for 6,7, and 8th grades.
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Lunch schedule this week

Regular Lunch schedule.

MCSD Mission

MCSD will educate and inspire students to thrive in an environment of change.
-We believe all students can learn.
-We believe in providing multiple paths for students to demonstrate success.
-We believe collaboration among all stakeholders fosters innovation.
-We believe that students, staff, families and community, all play vital roles in the success
and growth of MCSD.
-We believe in addressing the mental, physical and social well-being of children.
-We believe in educating children in a way that aligns with their learning strengths and
-We believe everyone deserves a healthy and safe environment.
-We believe all students deserve opportunities to participate in programs and activities.
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