Operation Deliberate Force

Tyler Richardson

Who was involved?

All who were involved with Operation Deliberate Force: NATO, Bosnia, Herzegovina.

When and where the events took place?

The start of Operation Deliberate Force began in August of 1995, and took place in Bosnia, and Herzegovina.
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What Happened?

The Bosnian Serb Army had attacked the "safe areas" in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The NATO made an air campaign to attack Bosnia.
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How The Event Unfolded?

In April 1. 1992 the Bosnia and Herzegovina had a conflict with the breakup of Yugoslavia. NATO decided to get involved to stop further crimes and violence from spreading. The Serb responded by attacking the UN safe areas. After conflicts with the Serbs continue and finally we planned Operation Deliberate Force. This was an air campaign that would attack the Bosnia. This air strike convinced the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to agree to sign the Dayton Agreement in November 1995. This ended the war.
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Why Did It Occur?

The cause of the Operation Deliberate Force started when NATO wanted to get involved in the Bosnian War to help war crimes against citizens of Bosnia. NATO then passed Resolution 781 that prevented Bosnian aircraft to enter in certain zones, called "no-fly zone." Bosnia ignored the Resolution and attacking UN safe areas. We counter-attacked by an air campaign.