Humanity for horses

mission statement


Humanity for Horses is a 501c3 non-profit organization devoted to rescuing horses from slaughter, abuse, neglect and abandonment providing them sanctuary for the rest of their life. While rescuing horses, we also home all other animals that were abandoned with them. Because the animals have experienced such abuse and neglect from humanity, we do not adopt them out. We are devoted to giving them top quality nutrition, traditional and non-traditional medicine, and endless hours of love and comfort.

We have a specialized Thoroughbred program. We rescue Thoroughbreds from individuals and race tracks. They have their own unique place on the sanctuary and receive an abundance of individualized attention. They also have their own turnout pasture.

In 2014, we will be initiating programs to bring together humanity and horses.

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Humanity for horses is an organization to rescuing horses from slaughter,abuse,neglect,and abandonment . to provideing them sanctuary for the rest of there life. they also give them top quality nutrition,traditional and non-traditionalmedicine and endless hours of love.
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Humanity for Horses was formed by a group of people who have been helping children and adults with emotional awareness and conflict resolution, Government effectively eliminated horse slaughter permanently. This important action is expected to create a greater need for collaborative equine rescue efforts as many more horses will now survive the horrors of auction and slaughterhouse and will need to be properly cared for.