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Stuffed Animal Campout Day

Next on tour: Upcoming Events

  • 06/16- Thank You from Me to You from 3:00-3:30pm at the area by Mrs. Martin's classroom (NP3 parking lot will be available for you to park as well as the tennis courts across the street. Bring a small appetite.)
  • 06/16 & 06/17- Siesta Fiesta (All second graders will be learning about South America through fun activities)
  • 06/17- Student Awards Day (Students must bring backpacks to take items home!)
  • 06/18- Field Day (Potluck in Mrs. Martin's room after for students and parents 11:30-12:00ish. Bring your favorite dish!)
  • 06/19- NO SCHOOL!

Field Day and Pot Luck Information

  • Want to volunteer for Field Day? We can always use volunteers anytime from 9:10-11:35. Contact Hope Gawlick at if you are interested.
  • Remember to join us for a potluck in our classroom from 11:30-12:00ish (immediately after field day. Bring your favorite dish so we can spend the last day with good food and great company! We also need some supplies! Click the link to put down what you are bringing.
  • Make sure to have students wear waterproof sunblock and sandals or running shoes. Students may bring a water bottle but should leave their backpack at home.
  • Report Cards will be handed out at the Pot Luck in Mrs. Martin's room. Please email Mrs. Martin if you will not be attending the Pot Luck or picking your child up that day.

Our Highlights: What We've Been Rockin' At!

The Rock Stars have Counted Down...
Rockin' Out Day,

Old Time Memories Day,

Catching the Summer Waves Day,

Kuddos to the Kiddos Day,

Stuffed Animal Campout Day,

Travel to the Snow Day,

Around the World in a Day, and

Relax Day

  • Our Spring Sing was a great success! Thanks to everyone who came and supported the Rock Stars. They did great! We changed our song the day before because our original song was just too difficult. The Rock Stars worked hard to learn it quickly and really shined like stars out there! Kuddos to them!
  • The Stuffed Animal Campout was a blast! We all shared our persuasive writing about why our stuffed animals are the best in the test together. Can you believe we all fit in there? Then we had the fire going and read with our stuffed animals. We then tucked in our stuffed animals and said, "goodnight!"
  • However, when we entered in the morning…they had clearly had TOO much fun! Abigail's Bear broke loose from home and snuck into the classroom in the middle of the night. That Sneaky Bear! We found Theodore's note to us typed on the computer screen. Here's what it read…
Dear Rock Stars,

We had a lot of fun last night! Thanks for letting us have a sleep over! That rebellious bear who has a friend named, Abigail, woke up us in the middle of the night. We all decided that this, "T is for for Too Hot: Heat Wave Day" that you had planned did not sound all! We were not having any part of those shenanigans! Instead, we voted, like civilized stuffed animals (…well, after the shark threatened to eat the dog) and decided that a snow day sounded waaaaaaay better!

We got into Mrs. Martin's secret stash and found some cool stuff (sorry we didn't leave any candy for you!) I bet that you can figure out a way to make snow out of all of this stuff. I mean….you're like almost Third Graders right? I hear Third Graders are pretty smart!

Good Luck!

Theodore (Jose's Stuffed Animal)

  • So we just had to make snow! We also played with shaving cream and worked on spelling (it was one of the ingredients) and ended the day with the classic game of paper switching, snowball fight.

The Stuffed Animal Sabotage!

Stuffed Animal Sabotage!

A Quick Spring Sing Slideshow

The Spring Sing

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