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Happy New Year!

Detox Center Gets Funding Boost from State Budget

I am very excited to announce some good news about the proposed detox center for Frederick County! This week we learned that the Governor's budget will include $500,000 that I requested to help renovate the second floor of the county's work release center for a detox center.

Our community should be proud of the bipartisan partnership that is working to meet the needs of our citizens who are struggling with addiction. Recovery is a long and difficult journey. We can help those on that journey by making detox treatment and services available in our community. The need for a detox facility has been identified as the most critical gap in treatment services in Frederick County.

Last fall, I announced that the County was seeking proposals from providers who may be interested in establishing a detox center within Frederick County. Up to $710,000 in grant funds have been set aside to help the selected provider with start-up expenses. As an option, the County offered the use of underutilized separate space within the work release center as a potential location for the center. Providers' proposals are being reviewed now, and an announcement is expected in February.

There is hope for recovery!

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