2Mu News

Week of 11/10/14

It has been one busy week back to school for 2Mu!

Highlights of the week!

  • Started unit 3 in Math: Place Value, Money, & Time
  • Started Math Centers: After each mini lesson, students move through 4 stations with their math team to help reinforce and extend students' understanding of the skill
  • Began to use iPads in our technology center during Math
  • Started our Writer's Workshop unit on writing like a scientist
  • Conducted an experiment & wrote up our very first lab report
  • Wrapped up our unit, Balancing and Weighing, in Science
  • Read and worked with the informational text, Animals Building Homes, in Reader's Workshop
  • Learned all about Text and Graphic Features to help us comprehend the text

***If anyone has toy cars, please send them in next week with your child's name on them. Thank you!

Writing Like Scientists

Our Experiment with a Car and Ramp

Math Centers

Balancing and Weighing Line Plots

Star of the week, Katerina Kuball!

Have a great weekend!