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Media and Media literacy

Media is a means of mass communication that can be accessed by anybody and everybody. A few examples of media are TV, newspapers, the radio, and the internet. Media influences everybody whether they know it or not, media is a huge part of the world that we live in. Some people believe that media does more harm than good and others believe that life would not be the way that it is if not for media. Ways that media can be harmful is by “poisoning” the minds of the youth and changing the way that they think that life should be and creates a fantasy “real world” in their minds. Media, however can be very beneficial because it delivers information to people that may have been otherwise inaccessible to them. In my opinion I believe that media is both bad and good, and that people should be view in moderation instead of just subjecting themselves to it nonstop. What it means to be media literate is to understand what goes through the media and to know what’s real and what’s fake. If you aren’t media literate then you’re going to believe whatever the media tells you for example if you aren’t media literate, and the media tells you the dolphins won the super bowl you’d believe that they won the super bowl even if they didn’t even go past the play-offs. On the other hand if you are media literate and there’s a hoax going around, that’s obviously a hoax you would know better than to believe it, because you’re media literate.

Official Coca-Cola "Big Game" Commercial 2014 - America Is Beautiful

Super Bowl Précis

Coca-Cola in the commercial for their soda’s, Coke, which aired during the 2014 Super bowl, communicates to viewers that America is a beautiful country and is united by multiple races.

Coca-Cola promotes Coke by showing people from all across the world singing the United States’ national anthem, America the Beautiful, in different languages and drinking their Cokes.

Coca-Cola attempts to inspire viewers to further unite with each other and show the world just how beautiful they really are and how everyone is the same, in order to use America as an example and to get other countries to follow in its footsteps and lead the to the point where we will all be united.

The commercial uses an emotional and inspiring tone which connects with the true patriots of America and make them love their country even more because it is a "melting pot" and make them say "America is such an amazing and diverse country."

Satirical News Article

Justin Bieber’s Georgia fun ruined!

Alan Duke, CNN

Thu February 27, 2014

JUSTIN BIEBER is being subjected to yet ANOTHER search warrant, this one in Georgia, but unlike the previous one brought upon him, this one resulted in drugs being found!

A Sandy Springs police searched Justin Bieber’s Cadillac Escalade on Tuesday evening and found marijuana and two glass smoking pipes. This is the fourth crime that has been supposedly committed by Justin Bieber OH rejoice may teen Beliebers celebrate and follow in Justin’s guided footsteps!

According to a police report “Less than an ounce of suspected marijuana and two large glass smoking pipes containing suspected marijuana residue…” however to the sheer fortune of Bieber, “Due to the small amount, no charges were filed related to the marijuana,” said in a police statement. May Bieber forever walk in America, positively influencing tweens across this mighty country, he has brought this country to the peak of its game and may he continue to do so.

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The Changing of History; Smore #5

History book detailing the events of Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

World War II was spearheaded by the Nazis under the command of Adolf Hitler who sanctioned the genocide of millions of Jews, by consolidating them into concentration camps where they were brutally tortured and where they all, sadly, died. Hitler had performed many atrocities in his reign over Germany and was winning the war, and you would think that they would be the worse members of the war; but they were not it was the Japanese who were the atrocious vile culprits of inhuman actions. The savages had the audacity to lay siege to our military post in Pearl Harbor brutally murdering millions of our civilians and defenders of our lives and rights, and that was too much for us, so we retaliated. It was August 6, 1945, toward the end of World War II, we had finally broken and dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, eradicating nearly the entire population of these cities in a brief instant, and they deserved it. We deemed the Japanese as savages after they massacred our people at Pearl Harbor so we as a country unanimously voted to give them a piece of their own medicine and to demonstrate how feeble they are in comparison to us the great America. The short-term results of this bombing shook the Japanese Emperor Hirohito to his core and made him soil him in fear, resulting in his immediate and unconditional surrender to us. The long-term result was much more of a kick in the face, we intentionally bombed them with a prototype of the Atomic bomb, but its radiation was much more potent, in caused generations of Japanese in the immediate residence of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be plagued by cancerous levels of radiation that led to many a death. We as a country mocked the Japanese for how weak they were for the bomb we dropped on them was only a fraction of the power of the ultimate atomic bomb that was produced by the Manhattan project.

This changed the course of the world because it demonstrated just how deadly man and its creations can be, and led all major superpowers to succumb to the IHL, the international humanitarian law. August 6th, 1945 was, to date, the first and only use of nuclear weapons in a war. I rewrote this as not exactly a satirical document, attempting to poke fun at the nuclear bombs because the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were in fact, very serious and very deadly. My purpose in re-writing this historical, unprecedented, event was to show that this is something that should not be given to man something that should never be used again, no matter stringent circumstances whatsoever.

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Free-write to 1984

In the book 1984 Orwell wrote about a dystopia that was created by a maniacal group of evil doers called the party. The party controls what the citizens think what do they how they feel and every essence of their life. The ending was a cliff hanger and yet it was satisfying I’d like to know what happened to Winston and Julia I’d like to know who won the “war” and most importantly if O'Brien and Mr. Charrington were just put into place to exploit and expose potential thought criminals. I like Orwell’s work it seems realistic and gives me an insight into what the world could become if we aren't careful. I believe completely that this is not only an appropriate criticism but it is an accurate criticism of the modern government. I believe this to be true because every government in the known world controls its citizens in some way or the other. I can’t necessarily say that I would change the ending but I wouldn't have left so many questions left open. The message that I take away from this book is that we have to watch the government and live our lives as we deem fit for as long as we can because we never know when telescreens will be implanted into our lives.

Media Literacy reflection

In the class media literacy I believe that the students didn't take it seriously and even I myself didn't take it seriously. Media literacy just didn't seem like a real class and it’s almost as easy as gym all you have to do is show up to pass. What I learned in the time that I took media literacy is that, the world that we know isn't as secure and safe as we are being led to believe and what I’m taking away from it is that I need to be better educated to ensure my rights are not infringed upon. Media literacy is entirely different than any other class that I've ever taken, we spend a vast amount of time in computer labs, which I believe enables the students to slack off and socialize and not do their work, which I've observed. In any other core class the students would be handed paper work and they’d be expected to finish it and turn it in; in media literacy there wasn't any of that since it was mostly online. Even though we are in the age of technology and most people taking media literacy would be well doused in knowledge of technology, that doesn't exactly mean they know how to operate it, which would lead to their work being lost and/or not saved correctly. What I believe could be done to make media literacy better is to find a middle ground between online work and hands on paper work, but other than that there isn't much to be done, it’s all based on what the students decide what they want to do. In my personal opinion I enjoyed media literacy we learned a lot of interesting facts that would serve me well in my future and read two amazing books 1984, and Macbeth but then again, I just love books.