The DreamWeaving Oven

Sem 2 Microbusiness Fair 12-13

Weaving your dream cupcake!

Give your taste buds a treat with the three unique flavours of cupcakes, right here, at The DreamWeaving Oven. We serve Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting, Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes, and Apple cupcakes with cinnamon frosting. These are not only delicious and tempting, but are extremely healthy too. Yes, you read it right - Healthy Cupcakes! Indulge yourself into these tasty delights and enter the dream world of cupcakes!



Free Cupcake

Buy 3 cupcakes (any flavour), and get one free!

*not applicable on cupcakes bought through loyalty cards

Loyalty Cards

Be our special customer - pay ₱250 and buy upto 6 cupcakes using the special loyalty card! Not only this, but save time by skipping the long queues and get prioritized by presenting the card at our booth.

To avail your loyalty card, contact one of our staff members or visit our booth.

Contact Us

E-mail us for pre-orders and/or deliveries.

Weaving your dream cupcake from April 15 - 19. Come and grab some now! :)