PED's - Benefits And Doubts

Lets Explore The Interesting World Of PED's In Sports

Types Of PED's

There are many types of PED's . Here are some of the most popular, and some slang terms.

1. Tetrahydrogestrinone - Slang - THG or The Clear

Used To Be Undetectable, Effects of THG can vary. Mainly it build Muscle Mass.

2.Testosterone - Slang - The Cream

Testosterone is used to build Muscle Mass, very quickly.

3. Stanozolo Slang - Winstrol

Meant to build Muscle Mass and Strength - Side Effects - Heart Problems , Increases Risk Of Injuries.

Marion Jones - Admits To Steroid Use

Marion Jones admitted to using Steroids in the 2000 summer Olympics. She used a type of Steroid called "The Clear". The drug build muscle mass, and Jones used it to help her compete in Track. She had been using the for 2 years until the Olympics started. She had been striped of 5 medals, and lost admiration of fans. They actually didn't detect the drug in Jones, but they found out because of a note she had sent to her family explaining what she had done.

The benefits of using this drug includes :

Building Muscle Mass

What About The Doubts?

Side Effects Include :


Hypertension ( High Blood Pressure )

Mood Swings

Baldness In Males

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[Fair Use Clip] Marion Jones Press Conference NY

Goldman Dilemma - My Answer


Goldman - 7AC Answer by NeonCape

History About Doping

Some Facts About Doping

  • The first doping incident happened in 1865, in swimming. The winner said they used a PED to help.
  • Whats the cost of Doping? Aside from paying money, doping puts guilt on your shoulders along with shame. If you get caught, the guilt gets worse.
  • Taking Human Growth Hormone can result i​n:
  • diabetes in prone individuals
  • muscle, joint and bone pain
  • hypertension and cardiac deficiency
  • abnormal growth of organs
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Math - Graph About MLB's Home Run Leaders

This graph shows the top 20 home run"ners", and how 6 of them have used PED's or have been suspected to. The top leader, Barry Bonds, has been tested and he did use Steroids "unknowingly".


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