August Team Newsletter

Gold Canyon Candles

May Team Volume $5248.25

Samantha Martin - $766.21

Jennifer Terry - $439.75

Sherlyn Stevenson - $371.78

Jennifer Kassinger - $357.45

Amy Robinson -$96.79

April Ogea - $29.98

Heather Winder - $19.75

Team Volume June $2838.96

Samantha Martin - $366.98

Jennifer Kassinger - $241.09

Amy Robinson - $65.14

April Ogea - $45.69

Jennifer Terry - $42.46

Sherlyn Stevenson - $8.75

Team Volume July $956.48

Samantha Martin - $435.30

Sherlyn Stevenson -$42.94

NEW Fall Products Start Tomorrow

Are you struggling in your business? The NEW Fall Catalog's and Products start tomorrow!! A great way to get your business moving again is to have a Fall Debut Party. All you need is the Fall catalog's and scents. They are all Fabulous!!! My favorite time of year!! Don't forget about the $250 Quarterly minimum. You have to have sold $250.00 by the end of September or you will be locked out Essentials.

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CHALLENGE!!!! Share Gold Canyon with 10 people who have never tried Gold Canyon by August 31, 2013. All who reach 10 will go into a drawing for a gift, AND the contacts you collect will go into a drawing for a free candle!! So, approach people and tell them

"I'm in a contest with my team to share Gold Canyon!! Would you please try this tealight and take a look at this catalog, and may I take a picture of you to to show that I did it? Also, will you fill out this card (the little orange/white cards) and you'll be entered into a drawing for a FREE Large candle and I'll also follow up with you to see what you think of it!"

- then take their picture and post it to YOUR timeline (so your friends see you working your business!) post where you met them and add hashtag #gameonsamanthasteam and #gameongc

Have fun with it!!

Montego Bay

Who's going to Montego Bay? DOUBLED POINTS in August

• 1,000 Points for Parties over 500 PV-Net
• Total PV-Net Points DOUBLED
• 1,500 Point Bonus for PV-Net over 2,500
• Total Sponsoring Points DOUBLED
• Total PV-Net Points from New Consultants DOUBLED

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One on One Calls

If you need motivated or would like to talk about your business I will be happy to talk with you. Call me anytime!