Google Sketchup Playgrounds

by Hunter Chandler

Define the Problem

Problem: Create a playground as if it were to be used by a elementary school.

Criteria: The playground must consist of 6 different play elements (e.g. Swings, Slide, Climbing Wall, Monkey Bars.. etc.), Must be kid-friendly and safe.

I also want to add some older models of equipment but, safer. A lot of equipment that was actually fun has been banned from virtually every playground nation wide, so I want to bring back some of the older things that actually were fun (Tetherball, Still Rings, Possibly even a Giant Stride/Witches Hat)


Lots of kids today don't actually enjoy a lot of the equipment that is in playgrounds now, but instead they look back and see some of the things that were older, and actually say it looks like fun. Kids today are no different that back then, they want excitement, meaning if they risk breaking a bone, hurting themselves, scraping their knee, they don't care. They want excitement from the playground. Stuff like climbing, high elevation monkey bars, stuff like a merry-go-round, teeter-totters (and i mean the big ones).

Develop Possible Solutions

Choose The Best Solution

Pugh Chart

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3D Design (SketchUp Model)

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Test and Evaluate

This design is overall pretty safe, minus the height for the monkey bars. It also has 7 different play elements, giving kids things to do.


If I were to sell this design to a company I would tell them that since it's older fashioned and some kids have never seen or touched one of the older fashioned objects, they'd be intrigued to do so. It's overall safe and fun for kids.


If I were to redesign this, I would lower the height of the monkey bars, and maybe add a few more elements for even more things for kids to do.