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Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction

Today, many people use the internet. Some overuse it, and become addicted. 8-12 percent of children and teens are addicted to the internet. There are consequences to being addicted such as problems with friends/family or doing poorly in school/work. Addicts know the consequences, but it doesn't stop them. If they do not use the internet, then they will become restless, moody, angry, or depressed. However not all hope is lost.

There are treatment programs to help people. They focus on the 12 step process. They also help a person use the internet in a moderate way.

Having said this, there is a reason for internet addiction. Some say it may stem from other process addictions. Foor example, if you are addicted to gambling, you may want to do this on line. Some people feel a rush when they are on the internet.

In the past, this addiction was not taken seriousely. people that were seen as addicted were young akward boys who liked to use the computer. It wasn't even considered a disorder until recently.

Did you know? 74 percent of adults use social media


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