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By Triston Burruel

There is a 13 year old boy named daniel who moves to Nobles Green from a different town in pennsylvania with his little brother Georgie, his Mom and his Dad. They moved in with his Grandmother because she was very sick. When Daniel moved in he met a girl named Mollie who save George’s life. Then the next day daniel was being bullied by Clay and Bud at the bus stop.daniel also made a new friend Rohan and Mollie also.

At the observatory Clay caused daniel to fall down the mountain, And Erik saved him but Erik had a lot of explaining to do with daniel. Erik took daniel to the tree house a secret place only certain people knew about. Then Erik told Daniel about the supers which Erik and the other kids there at the treehouse where supers. The supers are kids ranging up to 12 years old that have super powers.

Dark and mysterious,dangerous, and evil and his name is The Shroud. The Shroud is a Super villain with no superpowers but he was around the time of the first generation of supers.

Has power but he didn't get them the same way the first generation did he steals powers from the supers with the thing that gave them powers in the first place. The Witch fire Meteor which comes back every 70 years. The Meteor takes powers and memories and gives the powers to plunkett. Plunkett is the shroud the shroud is Plunkett disguise.

Daniel and the supers beat the shroud in the end because Clay went to help them and the strongest of them all Erik was captured.They got Erik free and Erik and clay battled the shroud together. but then daniel found out how to beat the shroud so daniel had mollie flew him into the shroud and daniel found the shrouds meteor that gave him his powers and tried to tear it off the shrouds neck but he couldn't until the supers helped him pull it off.After the battle all the supers were in trouble and georgie pulled off a broken doors door handle and scares daniel.