Vey hungry


There are simple and traditional dishes. They are delicious.

The restaurant is on Colon Street, in Valencia. Liberstars has existed from one generation to another. It has been open for fifteen years. It has also been in different locations.

First menu

1. Salad (tomatoes, fish, lettuce, corn, eggs, olives y cheese)

2.Tomatoes and special herbs

3.Tomatoes with bread and pepper

Second menu

1. Rice from Cuba (rice, tomato and egg)

2. Fish and chips

3. Fish, chips and vegetables


  1. water
  2. Juice (orange, apple, banana and strawberry)
  3. Coke


1. ice cream (chocolate, strawberry and vainilla)

2. fruits (orange, strawberry, banana, apple, coconut, cherries and watermelon)

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Special offer!

If you order a coke, you´ll have one free.